How Many Followers Do Best Pilots Have On Their Instagram Accounts?

Instagram is a great social media platform to get an insight into pilots’ lives as they fly and travel around the world. Indeed, pilots are becoming the new stars on social media, and no drought the epic views that can only be seen from the cockpit. The new places pilots go and explore are a basis of inspiration for many people. Pilots like to show amazing photos of weather, beautiful mountains, clouds, and lightning storm from an airplane’s cockpit. Many young pilots who want to be influencers on Instagram and do the same but see it as a difficult task should read SimplyGram guide on how to get more followers.

Below are some best Instagram profiles of pilots you may want to follow.


A Swedish girl who loves to fly has grown her social media network to above 500k followers in no time. Her Instagram feeds share her daily routine, cockpit view pictures, places she has been able to visit, and the food she loves. Many of her followers are keen on her holiday destination recommendation and willing to board her Boeing 737. She shares her YouTube channel video with the public and an inspiration to many willing to join the aviation industry.


Ryan has one of the most unique and fascinating jobs seeing the exciting and curious places and communities he gets to visit. He shares videos about his career, personal life experiences, and stories concerning his aviation industry experience through social media. With 280k followers and growing, Ryan is a motivation for young people willing to be a pilot.


Patrick’s profile gains much attention as the young lad from Berlin is an adventurer. Apart from his flying skills, he does outdoor sports such as skydiving, skiing, parasailing, and more. With more than 773k people following him on Instagram, Patrick is an excellent source of motivation with his blog, Pilot Patrick. He guides people on becoming a successful pilot, the aviation industry, travel, and lifestyle, with more and more people joining his social media community.


Lindy is a Dutch female pilot currently living in Italy. Her unique style of communicating with her followers makes her one of the most growing female pilots on Instagram. Her extravagant pictures on Instagram are hard to miss. Promoting flying as a profession, Lindy helps the young blood with tricks and tips on excelling in the aviation industry and making their mark. She offers excellent snapshots from the skies making her followers happy and in a state of aww.


Anas is a fantastic resource where young pilots can seek guidance. He gives regular training to juniors with some career tips and provides first-hand information about a pilot’s daily life. Anas, currently flying for Qatar airways has 482k followers on Instagram. His signature videos of takeoffs and landings are loved by many who want to explore the world by traveling, having the severe travel bug in their soul.