Features Top Airports Have In Common

Do you fancy airplanes and airports for your traveling? There are a lot of cool features you can enjoy for your first time and many times to come. If you move from one destination to another using different airlines, there are some common features you will notice. This article will be highlighting some of them in the top airports.

The Worst Airports, According to Pilots

More than often, airline pilots do have that smiley face, which, according to many, represent happiness. However, the truth is that sometimes they hide their frustrations underneath the bright smile. Apart from the decreeing wage, the pilot also gets frustrated with the long hours they spend sitting in the cockpit. At some point, their worst nightmare comes when they are scheduled to land in certain airports. According to recent reports, pilots dislike landing in certain airports due to some obvious reasons. Therefore, the following are some of the worst airports to land according to pilots.