What’s New on Instagram in 2022

The Instagram app has seen many changes over the years which have generally been taken positively by the public and have made the app much more featured pack, secure, and as per the expectation and demands of the users. Some aspects of the app are updated regularly by the platform, such as its algorithm has seen plenty of change over the years and has yet again been amended in 2022. Additional security-related features and updates are a constant matter for the app. There are also many features the app has added for 2022 which will be explained in detail below.

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Some of the most proximately highlighted new features on the app are listed below.

The update allows users to reply to comments made on a reel. This was not available before and has been seen as an additional way to communicate with followers. The comment will be generated as a sticker on top of your video reel. The feature is stated as “reels visual reply” by Instagram.

Reorder reels

This feature allows a user to reorder their reels on the app. This is most helpful when uploading many videos to reels, as they can easily be switched and reordered as required.

Black-owned businesses

The app has also made black-owned businesses to be easily identifiable and recognized by the users. This feature is available in the US and allows businesses to attach a label to their account, making the people recognize them as black-owned businesses.

Filter notifications

The app now also allows users to filter their notifications. This is a useful feature as smartphones can easily get overwhelmed and flooded with an excessive number of notifications from all of their following.

Instagram subscription

For now, this feature is being tested on a few accounts in the US. It will enable a content creator to add a subscription button to their profile, to which users can subscribe by paying a monthly fee for the service in order to gain access to exclusive stories and live sessions on the account. The account will get the subscription fee as an income to their Instagram account.

Delete multiple posts

Cleaning up your Instagram account has been a challenge up till now, as only one post could be deleted at a time. However, now the app allows deleting multiple posts at the same time, which is very useful if a user wishes to quickly clean their account and delete unwanted content.

All these features mean there is plenty of new to look for in the app for 2022, as always the platform is continuously finding ways in which they can improve the user experience and add useful features for the community to enjoy.