Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

There are things you cannot miss when you want to grow your Instagram account followers. Although you can still grow the account, it will be hard for you to be able to leverage the Instagram algorithm in your favor. For long-term growth, you have to hit the following practices to get ahead and stay ahead.

Give your audience what they want

One of the core principles of any marketer is their ability to never assume anything. They will test everything and leave out nothing. When it comes to growing your Instagram account, then it is the same. You have to be ruthless to your emotions and biases and look at what is working. Use solid data to determine what works. Customers and audiences look for service, engaging content, and transparency.

However, we cannot generalize and boil it down to just the three. There ought to be more. Sometimes the reason will not be clear, but you will bump on it once you find it. If you have the formula with you, then generating content will be a breeze.

You can use Sprout Social, Icon square, Keyhole, or Social Rank for analytics. It’s true that what gets tracked, is what gets done. So, get the numbers in place and make informed decisions for your audience.

Read this guide for further details.

Stay updated

Nobody wants to follow an Instagram account that has not been updated for the last three months! It will seem that you don’t care about your audience and are not willing to put in the time and effort of creating content and using the latest features and filters.

Content creators should be hooked on creating content that has augmented reality filters on their Instagram Stories. Also, they should conform to the latest features by using Instagram shopping and Instagram Reels to tell their story.

Don’t over-post

If you feel that you are behind the competition, you might be tempted to let yourself out of the hat by posting too much at a go. However, this is not a great strategy as it will put your audience in confusion. They will be shocked to see that you are bombarding them with too much information at such short notice.

Tell stories

Pictures are important but not so much. We are not moved in by what other people are showing but by the story, they tell us. And Instagram has offered bloggers a window of opportunity. They have a feature called the Instagram Business Blog. It’s all about who can persuade, inspire and entertain their audience with a story.

Those who can successfully do this will grow exponentially and turn their audience into marketers. Instagram’s users will share your content with others.

How can you fit in

Fitting in is a casual term used among peers. How can we apply it in the pursuit of creating an audience? First, you need to know the ins and outs of your brand. Be obsessive about what you do. What it entails. And the kind of practices you have indulged in. Your experience and that which you have observed can pay dividends.